Electrical Exam Preparation That Meets Your Specific Needs

Electrical exam preparation has undergone major changes in recent years.  These changes are designed to insure that the work of licensed electricians meet the standards of both the National Electrical Code as well as locally adopted code standards.

As a professional electrician, passing the licensing exam is not an exercise to be taken lightly. Your trade and the growth of your business depend upon the additional freedom that the electrical license provides.

Run of the mill code classes and self-study courses are often ineffective because they take a generic approach and don’t provide the personal attention that you’ll need to pass.

Electrical Exam Seminars offers a unique approach because we test you at the beginning of the seminar to determine which exam topics require special attention based on your specific needs.

Then we’ll assign you a personal instructor who will guide you through a customized lesson plan in a relaxed, self-paced learning environment which allows you to study each topic, and then take a practice test on the material covered to ensure that you can perform at the level required to successfully pass the exam.

Our individual electrical exam seminars will provide you the with an in depth understanding of the exam topics, and the confidence needed to pass any city or state exam.

We’re your premiere source for electrical licensing and certification exam preparation nationwide.

Our seminars feature: