How To Get An Electrical License

How To Get An Electrical License

Why is your most valuable possession as an electrician your own electrical license?

Licensed electricians have greater earning potential and are more employable. They don’t  walk away from jobs because they aren’t licensed and can’t pull the required permits. Licensed electricians also don’t have to share their hard eared profits with other electricians who are licensed because they can pull permits for themselves.

Your ability to take full advantage of opportunities that come your way depends on your ability to pull your own electrical permits. The only way to be able to pull your own permits is to pass your electrical exam.

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At Electrical Exam Seminars, we present the material you’ll need to know in a format that is easy to understand and directly relates to the work you’re already performing in the field. We also provide personalized one-on-one private tutorial instruction that guarantees that you’ll receive the attention you need to succeed.

Our seminars provide the individualized attention, proven test preparation techniques, and the self-paced learning environment you need to successfully prepare to pass your exam on the first try. We’re confident that our program can help you reach your goal. With a 95% first time pass rate, we can afford to be!

That’s why we can offer our “Repeat until You Pass” guarantee. Our system has been fine-tuned and perfected; helping electricians to successfully prepare for their exams for over thirty years.

Our seminars begin with assessment testing so that we can determine how best to meet your specific needs. The learning atmosphere is relaxed and  self-paced in order to provide a stress-free learning experience. The best part is that once you’ve finished the seminar, you’ll be confident, informed and completely ready to pass your electrical exam.

Once you’ve got your electrical license in your hand, you’ll be capable of pulling your own permits, submitting more competitive bids and putting more money in your own pocket. If you want to gain control over your jobs and increase your earning potential, check out Electrical Exam Seminars. In just a few days, you could be adding “licensed electrician” after your name on your business cards.

Call us at 888-910-3926 to learn how we can help, or click HERE to find a seminar for your city or state’s licensing exam.

Learn More:

Read about our “Repeat Until You Pass” guarantee HERE.
View Frequently Asked Questions about the electrical exam HERE.


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Electrical Exam Practice Questions

Electrical exam practice questions can be easily answered if you know which formula to use and how to use it. Motor calculation questions are commonly asked on electrical exams. Can you answer these practice questions?


What is the efficiency of a 5 horse power, 230 Volt, single-phase alternating current motor?

A. 75.9%

B. 57.9%

C. 33.4%

D. None of the above

Answer: B. 57.9%.


What is the required conductor ampacity of a 5 horse power, 230 Volt, single-phase alternating current motor?

A. 28 amps

B. 32 amps

C. 35 amps

D. None of the above

Answer: C. 35 amps.


Upon completion of the seminar, you will have mastered the 3 keys to electrical exam success:

  • Understanding exam questions and identifying key words.
  • Performing code calculations with ease and precision.
  • Finding the code articles required to answer questions within the allotted time.

Our unique approach ensures that you will receive balanced, thorough preparation at the pace that is best suited to meet your needs. Call 888-919-3926 or click here to start preparing to pass your electrical exam today.

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Why Get Your Electrical License?

You know how to do quality work in the field. Yet you find yourself at the mercy of the electrician with the license. The electrician who pulls the permit determines if you work. He determines when you work. He determines where you work and how much you make. Take control of your career! Stop sharing your hard earned profits.  Why should you have to pay an electrician to  pull a permit for you? Prepare to pass your electrical exam and pull your own permits! Then you’ll be the one in control of your career, your profits and your bottom line.

We Can Help You Prepare to Pass Your Electrical Exam

We have over 30 years experience helping electricians just like you translate what you do every day in the field into a passing score on your electrical exam.

You’ll become comfortable finding answers to questions in your your code book. We’ll teach you how to easily identify key words and phrases in questions that will allow you to locate the code article that answers the question quickly.


You’ll become comfortable using formulas. Even if math is not your strongest subject we’ll break down the formulas you’ll need to know into an easy to understand format so that when you need to use a formula, you’ll know which one to use and how to use it.


You’ll learn the test taking and time management skills you need to answer each question on your exam within the allotted time. Most of us don’t take exams on a regular basis and as a result can experience some test anxiety. Careful preparation coupled with the access to practice questions that our seminars provide can make all the difference.


We can help you prepare to pass your exam in as little as one week. We maintain a 95% first time passing ratio, provide one-on-one attention and offer a written guarantee of free unlimited repeat attendance until you pass. Call 888-919-3926 or click here to start preparing to pass your exam today!

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