Corporate Electrical Licensing Exam Seminars

Corporate Electrical Licensing Exam Seminars

By sponsoring their staff electricians to our corporate electrical licensing exam seminars, our business customers have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by not having to outsource permit required, electrical projects. Using licensed, in-house electricians translates into lower operating costs, and greater productivity.

Because we understand the special needs of corporate clients, our corporate client seminar program provides the seminar scheduling, content and format flexibility that corporate clients need to meet project deadlines and maintain productivity while preparing key employees to pass electrical licensing and certification exams nationwide.

Contact our corporate seminar services department at: 888-919-3926 for scheduling and group rate discounts.

Testimonials from just a few of our satisfied clients:

City of Chicago Logo . . . the most comprehensive trades program existing anywhere . . . no time wasted.     read full letter

Ameritech Logo . . . highly recommend this class to some interest in expanding their knowledge in the National Electric Codes.     read full letter

Entergy Logo . . . classes were very educational and informative. Your training methods proved most beneficial.     read full letter

Intercon Logo . . . personalized on-on-one attention, with intensive coverage of the specific exam topics.     read full letter

Loyola University Logo . . . our lead electrician . . . was able to easily pass the exam on his first try.     read full letter

City of Milwaukee . . . this seminar enabled me to be licensed as a Master Electrician.     read full letter