Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

If I receive notification of a non-passing score after taking the first exam scheduled upon completion of my initial seminar attendance, I may repeat my original seminar attendance, subject to having met the terms and conditions as outlined in this enrollment agreement for repeat seminar attendance, at no additional charge until I have passed the electrical licensing exam for which I was originally prepared.

I understand that in order to validate my guarantee of free unlimited repeat attendance I must submit to Omniplex Corporation, in writing, proof of a non-passing score issued by the testing authority that administered my initial and any subsequent exams by regular mail, e-mail or fax within 14 calendar days of receiving notification of a non passing score, and subject to providing proof, in writing, that I have registered to take the first available exam after my initial and any subsequent seminar attendance. I understand that I must provide written verification of a non-passing score from the testing authority that administered my initial examination. I understand that Omniplex Corporation reserves the right to reschedule the date, time and location of all seminars at its discretion.